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Two Recommendations


After a review of funding and listening to leaders throughout the denomination, we believe the two agencies must be unified in order to better serve the church. Many in the church do not understand the differences between the two, and we recommend they unify in order to be aligned in mission, purpose, and the use of resources, as the status quo has resulted in uneven finances and long-term viability, confusing communication, poor coordination at times, and a ruptured vision.

Per Capita

After reviewing the current system of per capita funding and speaking with mid council leaders all over the denomination, we believe that the funding model must change for the sustainability of all councils. While the current model may be serving the national level, those mid councils obligated to fund it are more often stressed beyond capacity.

AMCL Workshop on Unifying OGA & PMA
Click HERE to watch on YouTube
AMCL Workshop on Per Capita recommendation
Click HERE to watch on YouTube
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