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PC(USA) Unified

We must find a new and sustainable way for the future
The special committee was formed from two items of business to the 223rd GA in 2018, and tasked with exploring the system of per capita funding for councils above the local church session and the financial sustainability of the national church. Based upon reviews of financials, projections, extensive conversations with mid-council leaders, national agency staff and board members, and a sense of the cultural context of the PC(USA) in the United States, the committee formed a report, revised for the 225th GA.
The special committee on Per Capita and Financial Sustainability is bringing two recommendations to the 225th General Assembly


After a review of funding and listening to leaders throughout the denomination, we believe the two agencies must be unified in order to better serve the church. Many in the church do not understand the differences between the two, and we recommend they unify in order to be aligned in mission, purpose, and the use of resources, as the status quo has resulted in uneven finances and long-term viability, confusing communication, poor coordination at times, and a ruptured vision.

AMCL Workshop on Unifying OGA & PMA
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AMCL Workshop on Per Capita recommendation
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Per Capita

After reviewing the current system of per capita funding and speaking with mid council leaders all over the denomination, we believe that the funding model must change for the sustainability of all councils. While the current model may be serving the national level, those mid councils obligated to fund it are more often stressed beyond capacity.

We must find a new and sustainable way for the future
The structures of the denomination should be accessible, understandable, and responsive to the mid-council leaders and people in the pews who make up the diverse ministries of the PC(USA). Despite all our best efforts, gaps remain. We want to see the church work together to close the gaps.
When typical members and leaders in Presbyterian churches talk about “Louisville”, most often they do not realize there are six different agencies in the denomination. 
We must find a new and sustainable way for the future

Here's Why You Should Care

Here’s why you should care: Most of us don’t experience the ministries of the national church until we need them, from a disaster, to pastoral misconduct, to legal trouble, to access to PC(USA)-specific resources. The current uneven funding model makes resources differently accessible, based upon which agency is producing and distributing them. We need each other.

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